A Garden Staple that works as hard as you do.

*We value all customers,  large and small.  We offer the highest quality landscape staples.
* Made in USA, Money-back guarantee
* Staples for all seasons & for jobs large or small
* Packaged in Convenient Reusable box 

What's the difference between our galvanized and non galvanized landscape staples?

Why Shape Your Scape® Staples?

At Shape Your Scape®, a question we get asked quite often in regards to our gardens staples is, “What's the difference between galvanized and non galvanized?”

We created this never before seen "under ground" view to show you how our galvanized staples are rust resistant and reusable and how once you've placed our non galvanized staples in the ground, after a short amount of time, the staples will be out of sight and reinforced by the roots underground strengthening the staples holding power. 

Shop both our galvanized and non galvanized garden staples!


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